Welcome to the website of bellydance and tribal of Asyut. This site aims to disseminate information on oriental dance so it can be helpful to beginners in this art also letter of presentation of the author and his activities.

Asyut was born in Madrid, one June 30 of 1973 in the heart of a half family from Madrid. His mother was an interior designer and his father was a military officer and director of a driving school.

Asyut studied interior design, following in the footsteps of her mother, working a few years as such in architectural studies and designer furniture stores. He completed his training with various computer courses, marketing, project management turnkey, feng-shui, graphic design and web design and programming.

Later decided to turn to their working lives to decorate people instead of spaces. Studied aesthetics, cosmetology, massage, make-up and characterization, and worked in  renowned beauty centers and spas.

AsyutSince childhood has always had a clear artistic trend that has been applied to various aspects in your life, such as painting, ceramic, photography, woodwork, upholstery, literature, design jewelery or finally dance.

Asyut started tardily in the world of belly dance from the hand of moroccan teacher Sami in 2008 in a gym where she arrived for rehabilitation of a important injury spinal column and was taking oriental dance classes for a year.

Shortly after a traumatic happening was paralyzed its activity and was long without taking classes, until he was able to resume them in September 2010 with his new teacher Aryh, with which is formed continuously for two years.

For several years she has been part of the group of Vicky Qamar students, from October 2011 to 2014, receiving regular classes of tribal, oriental and element-intensive fusion dance.


She also receives monthly classes of tribal ATS from the dancers Shurka and Haima from December 2011 until 2013, which happens to receive weekly ATS classes with Alicia López, director of Carvanserai.

In September 2014, she received regular oriental dance classes from Gloria Alba for one year and in 2017 she started to receive classes with Belén Sola.

Asyut uses dance as a means of therapy and gradually advances in knowledge of classical dance, tribal ATS, tribal fusion, folk oriental dance, african dance and the use of elements such as walking stick, isis wings, veil, silk fans, sable, sai, sword, katana, daggers, tambourine, spanish shawl, candelabrum or finger cymbals, interested in different thematic intensive courses in addition to the knowledge acquired in their regular classes and through  audiovisual material from self-taught.

She has realized workshops with Morgana, Aryh, Vicky Qamar, Farah Diva, Harizsa, Samadhi, Leticia Gordon, Monica Sade, Nuria Gallego, Siora Sekhmet, Shurka and Haima, Zoe Anwar, Lalita Devi, Jose Rodriguez, Sonia Sampayo, Eva Chacon, Lorena Rojas, Zaza Hassan, Crystal Silmi, Sharon Kihara, Jillina, Ozzy Ashkenazi, Neftis Paloma, Gioia Layali, Emine Di Cosmo, Mohamed El Sayed, Belén Sola, Rosa Mondaray, Patricia Álvarez, Dariya Mitskevich, Diana García, Zarina, Omar Kattan, Tessi Ladera, María Calera, Laila Elía, Samyah Shihad, Laura Lunna and Javier de Carmen.

AsyutIn January 2012 debuts on stage as member of the company students of Vicky Qamar "Al Raqisha" in the show Conexión Tribal II, held at the Teatro de Madrid Elias Ahuja, sharing the stage with artists such as Lorena Rojas, Vicky Qamar, Chandra, Miriam Soler, Aryh, Martnisha, Monica Sade, Leticia Gordon, Samadhi, Jose Rodriguez and other artists.

In June 2012, debuts in public the tribal dance Tribe "Surya Tribe" directed by Shurka and Haima, which Asyut is one of its members, and soon after in July 2012 dance her first solo at the opening of Athena Open Stage.

Asyut takes his stage name from a city in Upper Egypt, halfway between Luxor and Cairo, which dates back to Pharaonic times. This city was known to the Greeks as Lycopolis, meaning wolf city, referring to the great importance that there gave the cult of Anubis and Wepwawet.


Anubis and Wepwawep are the egyptian deities that guiding the dead to new life, and those who were worshiped by warriors that needed to open new paths, or who needs courage to face new situations, especially those related to the spiritual or psyche.

Asyut has supplemented her dance with training oriental martial arts like karate shito ryu, iaido, okinawan kobudo and wu shu, pilates, aquagym, yoga, tango, tahitian dance and dance Xiu Shui, which are activities that have helped greatly enrich your dance and have contributed in their physical and psychological preparation.

A lover of the music world, he also received solfeggio and singing lessons in his childhood, and has also punctually explored the practice of playing musical instruments such as flute, accordion, xylophone, melodica, harmonica, darbuka and flemish drawer.

As of December 2013 and until June 2017, he is part of the Hafla organization team at Conexión Internacional de Madrid. During this time he is responsible for various tasks such as the presentation of the event, information, networks and dissemination, attendance control and inscriptions, decoration, space rental management, video editing and music collection.

In November 2015 it again a nod to tribal forming the ATS tribe "Kurma Tribe" along with their partners and debuting in the International Connection Hafla in Madrid in December of that year.

Your full blog "Danza del Vientre" is known for trying to report on issues of oriental and tribal dance from a critical perspective, and selflessly offers the dance professionals may spread their courses and shows.

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